Ring doorbell app

Download Ring doorbell app from the app store for Android/iPhone. Windows or tablet. Install ring app for Windows PC from Microsoft store. Although you get Ring doorbell to activate and install ring doorbell from the app store, also you can visit ring.com/app to get the app. Speak, hear or reply to visitors with ring doorbells inbuilt microphone and speaker. Get your home security an easy task with Ring app which has motion detectors for most important corners of the home. Keep your neighbourhood alert and secure with Ring app’s sharable feature. Manually you get Ring app from ring.com/app to download ring doorbell app on Android/Mac/iOS or Windows 10. Same ring app setup is applicable for Amazon new Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus with minimal steps modifications.

Free ring app lets you control its features and customize on simple and easy to use dashboard. Install ring doorbell, activate and setup ring doorbell with ring app. When you visit ring.com/app, your download for app start automatically and you can install ring doorbell in no time. With Ring app you are never away as with Ring- you are always home.

Downloading and updating Ring appdownload and updating ring app

With Ring, see, hear and speak to visitors even you not at your home. With the added bonus, you can share the Ring neighbourhood videos to other ring users. Download and update Ring app from Ring.com/app or get the Ring app from the app store/play store depends upon if you’re using Android or iPhone.

Downloading the Ring app

Although ring app is free and easy to available on the app store to download, you need ring app registered username and password to login in-app. In-app store searches for the ring app and downloads it for android from play store and in iPhone get it from the app store. In windows 10, open Microsoft store or get it from ring.com/app. From there download and install ring app.

Updating the Ring app

Always keep your ring app updated to use most of its features. update ring app from the app store/ play store for Android/iPhone. You can also visit ring.com/app. The appropriate version will automatically start downloading.

Ring always home- Ring app

With ring you are always home, even you are busy with children upstairs or just on a trip out of home, ring app, reply to visitors and monitor home security from afar. With WIFI enabled ring appfeatures, watch over your property was never this easy from your Android/iPhone or Windows PC. When somebody is on the door, ring doorbell’s WIFI connected inbuilt motion detector and cameras send you instant alert. Hear, speak and reply with two way audio from a smartphone.

Advance HD video-enabled cameras and sensor monitor keeps home safe even from advance burglary tactics. Ring doorbell offers a 30-day trial with that save, review, share ring app’s videos with the neighbourhood.

How to navigate through the Ring doorbell app

To navigation through ring doorbell app, In your device, first, download Ring doorbell app. Open ring app and in-home screen, create or log in with Ring app account. Follow in-app instructions to complete Ring account setup. After this, scan the QR code/MAC ID barcode from smartphone’s camera. This barcode you will get with Ring doorbell product. Specify your ring doorbell location and name your device. Now connect ith wifi network and personalize in-app features.

Ring app features

You will get HD video comes with a wide-angle camera lens. Two-way audio lets you hear and reply instantly. Advanced motion detector and infrared night vision give you alert “Someone is at Your Front Door” when someone steps upon your property. Video recording and lifetime purchase protection make Ring doorbell to tempting. Know more and buy Ring doorbell from ring.com. Somehow some Ring user complaints about Rin 2 not ready for prime time as delayed alerts several minutes with battery issues. Might be in this case, rebooting ring doorbell or uninstalling and then reinstalling Ring app might work.

Stay always home with Ring. Safeguard you, your family, neighbourhood and your home from inappropriate elements with Ring app in real-time. In this digital age, this type of security is a must. With Ring cameras watching over your home was never this easy. Read more on Ring doorbell review.

Ring always home-stay home with Ring app for Windowsring app for windows 10

Install Ring doorbell app for Windows PC from Microsoft store. If it is a Windows 0 PC, then you can get Ring app from Microsoft store and if it is not Windows q0, then visit ring.com/app to see Ring app in the browser. When Ring doorbell’s WIFI enabled cameras senses any motion at your in-focus areas of the home, they alert you with built-in motion detectors and you will get a notification on your Windows device. Reply and talk to visitors via Ring app from your Windows 10 PC. Download and install Ring app for windows now!

There Is Motion at Your Front Door- Ring video doorbell

Whenever there is activity at your door, Ring alerts you with a notification saying there is motion at your front door whereas Ring advertises for a line caller ID for your front door!  Although you set your motion alert in the app still at every notification phone would come to life and come to live feed of home’s front door. Ring doorbell comes to bliss when it is a matter of home security. IT is said a silicon valley version of doorbell for the front door that would replace your old doorbell. With in the app, you can chat or talk to any visitor at your front door

How to install the Ring appnavigate through ring doorbell app

With Ring, the app gets full control over your ring doorbell and customize ring app experience. Ring app also assists in Ring doorbell set up and you can access all doorbell’s settings in a single dashboard. When you install ring app in your smartphone or windows, you can access Ring video doorbell from anywhere in the world. Ring neighbourhood lets you share the videos with your neighbours to keep them alert and safe. Also, download ring app for Android or iPhone or for Windows device and follow the step by step instructions to below for Ring app installation:

Download Ring app on Android or tablet

Launch the Play Store on your Android device. Now tap on the Search box, that is in the top of the mobile screen. Type Ring app and tap on found. Then tap install and open the app. Log in if you have an existing Ring app account. Choose to create an account if you want to create a new account or never had the Ring app account.

Install Ring app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Open the App Store in your iPhone device. In the bottom in search bar search for the Ring app and tap on the found. After this tap on getting and followed by Install. After Ring app installs open the app and choose to create an account if you don’t have registered ring app account. Choose to log in if you are registered Ring app’s user.

How to navigate through the Ring app while launching the app for the very first time in the device:

When you launch the ring app the first time, choose how you will proceed with Ring account. Choose create account to create a new account if you don’t have ring account or want to create a new one. Or choose login if you are already a registered ring app user.

To create a new account:

When you choose to create an account, fill in your first name and last name and choose to continue. After that choose your country and tap on continue. Enter your email id and in next box again type same email id to confirm. and continue. choose a password and tap on creating an account. Then you will get a confirmation message which says that your account has created with instructions on how to activate ring app account via email. Open the email and tap on verify email.

Login with already registered Ring app account

Fist on the login page, fill in your Ring app registered email account and password. choose to log in. If you forget the password, then tap on Forget password and you will get the email to reset the password on Ring’s registered email id. Otherwise login and open email. In your email, you will get a temporary code to verify your ring account. Enter this code on the login app page and tap verify.

The ring video doorbell 2 will make you feel connected to your front door with giving instant alerts, two-way communication and smartphone notifications.

Install Ring doorbell ( A step by step guide)

If you had already thought to buy a ring doorbell or already own it. Ring video doorbell 2 setup is all same as of RIng video doorbell and is simple. We had assembled the best tips from experienced technician and tricks to install your Ring doorbell easily. Also, some bonus tips and tricks which makes your ring doorbell installation like breeze. Simply scroll down and Read on:

Step 1: Get all needed tools

Although every ring doorbell comes with the necessary tools to install ring doorbell. Which includes a screwdriver, screws, a charging cable (if required), and installation steps. Also, you would need a screwdriver to screw ring doorbell into the wall. See if you can also get a box cutter or flathead screwdriver which helps to remove your old doorbell.

Step 2: Charge Ring doorbell battery

  • unbox your Ring doorbell. Power on ring doorbell with including charging cable.
  • You can see a red and green light on over ring doorbell. Which indicates that the battery is charging. It will take 4-6 hours to get the battery charged fully. Once charging is full, you will see the green light. That tells the Ring doorbell is ready to install.

Step 3: Connect to the internet

  • To download the ring doorbell app search for the Ring doorbell app in the app store. Type Ring video doorbell and hit the search icon. Download the ring doorbell app. Click the install.
  • Now Open the Ring doorbell app. Further click on the setup device button. You will see Create an account on the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are new to Ringdoor bell then create your new account. Enter there First name, last name, and email address with a password to create an account.

Step 4: Power off now

See your home’s breaker box. Which usually there in the basement/garage or rear of the house. Now shut off the power. This is necessary for your safety. As you will be working on exposed wires.

Step 5: Remove old doorbell

Now we have screwdriver/boxcutter. Unscrew the old doorbell. Pull it out gently. Then you will see exposing two wires. These wires still are wound around screws on the inside your old doorbell. do not pull them too hard. Which can damage them easily? Now loosen the screw.

Step 6: Attach mounting bracket for the outer cover of the ring doorbell

  • Hold the ring doorbell on the wall. The same spot where you want your ring doorbell to install. Now see on your phone if you are getting the angle you want. If not then use of the angled mounting bracket to tilt camera position up, right/left or down.
  • When you are sure about the spot of ring doorbell to install. Then use included level tool to check the mounting bracket is straight. Now use a pencil to mark the spots to screws. Once marked, remove the level.
  • If you using the angled mount then attach the level. Then attach the mounting bracket to it. If not then screw the mounting bracket to the wall. On the holes left by the old doorbell. So that the wires come through the bracket hole.

Step 7: Attach doorbell wires

  • This is optional for you. If you want to connect your ring doorbell to old doorbell home or want to increase the battery of ring doorbell. Then attach those two wires to ring the doorbell. Bit if you ant a fully wireless functional ring doorbell and want notifications over the phone then skip attaching those wires.
  • TO attach wires, loosen the two screws on the mounting bracket. Where wiring is hanging out. Now take the wires and wrap one around each screw. Doesn’t matter which wire is wrapped around which screw. Just make sure that each wire does not touch another wire. Each wire must have a good connection with a screw.
  • Tighten the screw gently. Thus you closed the circuit.

Step 8: Mount Ring doorbell and Restore the power of the house

The most awaited part right! First position your Ring doorbell above the bracket. Press it in and down till the time you hear a sound of a click. You can use a bit of force if you needed.

Make your device live. For this, flip the breaker switch. Test it out and make sure it is working. If you have ring video doorbell wired to interior chime. Check if it is chiming. If not then remove the faceplate. Double-check the connections are secure.

If everything is working fine. Then screw the two security screws in the underside of the faceplate. Use the small end of the screwdriver for it.

Step 9: Setup Ring doorbell preferences

Now Ring doorbell installation is complete. Use your Ring doorbell app to customize features. Set the motion detecter. Check for the night vision settings. Select which kind of notifications you want to set up in ring doorbell app. Also, select the areas which you want to cover up in-camera via ring doorbell app.

Setup name for the ring doorbell

In the process of ring doorbell setup, you can customize the ring doorbell name. for that, you can choose from the already set of name displayed under ring doorbell app. Or you can choose your own customized name for ring doorbell. Setting up a name for ting doorbell is easy. For that press the orange button on the back of the ring doorbell. This will put ring doorbell into setup mode. This will be confirmed further when upon pressing the orange button you will see spinning white light on the front of the doorbell.

Get more info on Ring video doorbell install manual there.

Ring video doorbell setup inSetting Up Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 in the Ring App Ring app

Setting up ring video doorbell 2 is simple, do the scroll down and follow step by step instructions to Ring video doorbell setup with downloading ring doorbell app

Charge the battery fully

First, Charge the provided battery fully with plugging the Ring video doorbell to a USB port with a given orange cable. Make sure to Charge till there is only one green LED is lit remained. Insert the battery into Ring doorbell when the faceplate is off and hear a click to secure battery back

Download Ring app for Android/iPhone/Mac/Tablet or Windows 10

Now download the Ring app from the app store ( in iOS) or the Play store (Android devices). Search for Ring app or ring.com/app to download and install ring app.

Ring account login or create an account for Ring app

Create for first time Ring users or login to set up an account to open and configure Ring app. In the Ring ap tap on the Setup device>Doorbells

Scan the barcode on Android or Mac/iOS

Then scan the QR code that is in front of device but in the ring video doorbell, it is in the backside of the device. You can see the QR code/Mac id code on doorbell packaging/quick start guide. Scan the code and when code is recognized green square(Android), Greenline(Mac ID barcode) will appear. If you feel any issue in barcode scanning then choose to set up without scanning and select ring video doorbell 2

Ring doorbell wifi setup

  •  Enter your address in the ring app and confirm your address. Choose a default name as displayed or customized the name for your device. Press and release black button on the front of video doorbell tap continue in the Ring app to put Ring video doorbell 2 in setup mode.
  • Connect ring device to a wifi network. In iOSRing app asks for join network and in Android, you automatically joined the network. Also, connect ring manually with wifi when you open settings>wifi>connection>wifi. Enter wifi network password and press continue. Ring video doorbell will update software

Now test your Ring video doorbell set up and push the front button to complete  a test call

Get information on How to Physically Install Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 with an Existing Doorbell and  know how to Physically Install Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 without an Existing Doorbell

Reset ring doorbell

reset ring doorbell

Just remember when you reset Ring doorbell, then all the saved settings and preferences will be removed. Ring doorbell will in default setup mode as if was in new condition when you bought it. Here is the process to reset Ring doorbell:

  • First, remove doorbell’s faceplate.  To remove the faceplate, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
  • Now open Ring doorbell app in your device where you had already downloaded ring doorbell app.
  • In devices option, choose the device. In device health, tap to change wifi.
  • Press and reset button for 15 seconds. ring doorbell reset button is on the right side of the camera.
  • Press the reset button for 15 seconds and then release it. Then front ring light will flash for a few moments indicating ring doorbell is restarting
  • Now ring doorbell is in default factory mode. After ring doorbell reset, you might want o setup ring doorbell again. For that connect ring doorbell to ring doorbell app and connect it to wifi.

Frequently asked  question on Roing app and Ring doorbell

Does ring doorbell require wiring?

Although ring doorbell is wireless in the context of wifi as ring doorbell works with wireless internet. Also, Ring doorbell has inbuilt battery thus for the power it has its own functional battery. Still, you can connect your ring doorbell with home’s existing doorbell.

Is Ring doorbell easy to install

You can install Ring doorbell with minimal effort. As the Ring doorbell comes with all necessary toolkit with a detailed manual. All you have to do is to download the ring doorbell app. With that, mounting the ring doorbell bracket into a wall and attaching the ring doorbell with it. Given the fact that Ring doorbell is fairly easy to install which involves doing two major things, download Ring doorbell app and mounting bracket and ring doorbell into exterior home’s wall.

How much does it cost to have a ring doorbell installed

If you can install Ring doorbell by yourself then it is almost free. Still, you need an extra hand. In that case on an average, it must cost around $100 to $250 for the labour involved. That includes your new ring doorbell installation with the connecting power supply to the existing electrical receptacle. With that routing any new wiring if the need arises

How do you install a ring doorbell without an existing doorbell?

  • First, use the level tool to position your new ring doorbell in the place you want to install ring doorbell
  • When found the appropriate place, mark down the mounting holes with the help of a pencil
  • Now screw your ring doorbell into the wall.
  • Finally, put the faceplate on the Ring doorbell to complete installation

ring doorbell subscription

For ring subscription, you will need to find a good ring doorbell provider and get yourself a membership. Most of them will have a free trial offer available to you. They will allow you to use their service for a short period of time for free. They will charge you for an initial fee for your subscription, but the good news is that you do not have to spend any money on the service until you decide that it is what you want. When you decide to go with a subscription, you will pay monthly for as long as you want, and the amount will vary from company to company. Usually, you can get something around ten dollars per month. In some cases, you will find that you pay anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars per month.

How do I download ring doorbell app?

downloading ring doorbell app process depends upon the device on which you want to install ring doorbell app. Like on Android open Play store/ in iPhone open app store/ In Windows open Microsoft store and search for the ring doorbell app. download ring doorbell app and install. Now sign in and start customizing the ring doorbell app functions as per your preferences.

So Is the ring app free?

Yes, Ring doorbell is free. Although you need to create an account on ring doorbell. So you can have access to Ring doorbell app. That enables you to access ring doorbell app. I have heard many people saying that they are not able to find ring doorbell in the Google Play Store. The reason is that there are many companies that are not providing free ring doorbell app.

They are only providing it for a very limited period of time and after that, they start charging a very high price for the same ring doorbell. I would advise you to wait until you find the ring doorbell app that is free on Google.

Do you need an app for ring doorbell?

If you own a home or have one in the planning stages, you may want to sign up for a ring subscription. The subscription is easy to get and can be very inexpensive as well. If you have a large home that is full of valuables, it would be a good idea to look into getting one for all your doors.

Yes, you can do more with Ring doorbell app. WIth Ring app you can customize the in-app preferences but also, to cover and customize which area of your home you want to cover with RIng doorbell. Not only this, but you can also keep your home safe and share the recorded videos with the neighbourhood to keep the whole neighbourhood safe and alert.

How do I download the ring doorbell app?

On your smartphone go into Play store if it is Android or on ring.com/app setup a device. In iPhone go into App store. search for the Ring app. Download and install ring doorbell app on your mobile. In windows install Ring doorbell app from Microsoft store. Click on Get it followed by install and log in.

How much is the monthly charge for the ring doorbell?

Although you can self-monitor via smartphone ring doorbell app. Otherwise, there is plan monthly and annually. Either you can pay 3$ monthly or choose to pay 30$ annually for professional monitoring.

How does the ring doorbell app work?

If you are wondering how does the ring doorbell work, the answer is that it connects to your cellular phone network so that you can send information to your phone and then it can send it to the person that is at your door so that you can know who is at your door. When the person who is at your door is actually at your door, the ring doorbell will sound the alarm so that you can get help. When you are done with the call, you can simply press the call button to stop the ring doorbell.

Does the Ring doorbell’s LED ring turn blue when motion is detected?

By default, when your Ring doorbell senses any external activity or motion then neither the blue ring light will on nor the ring doorbell will make any sound. In case if you choose to accept the motion alert in the Ring app, then ring light will definitely turn blue when it senses any motion or activity. Then you can hear and speak through ring doorbell. Also, with that, you can see a live video stream on your ring app screen.

If I receive a motion alert, will I also receive an alert when the visitor pushes the button on the Ring?

When the visitor on your property ding the ring doorbell button, then you will see ring alarm notification alert over the top of the video screen> But that happens for Android users only. In iPhone, you will get the notification over the video stream.

Do Ring doorbell motion recordings capture sound?

In the ring doorbell’s Firmware 1.4.60, made anew feature possible in the ring doorbell where you can capture both video and audio for motion recordings

Do you need to launch the ring app to answer the door?

Once someone steps upon your property. Either Ring doorbell detects motion and sends you alert or some visitor simply just pressed the Ring doorbell button, you will get a notification, ‘ Someone is at your door’. You can either ignore the notification or simply view the alert or answer the visitor. TO view or answer, you need to open and launch the ring app and proceed with your action.

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#1: Ring app motion sensor

As we all know ring device also has a motion sensor and if you have yard light or porch lights you can turn on them automatically when you bring your car inside your house or in porch or yard

This tip is also activated by the IFTTT website

Go to the website and search for motion sensor ring and enjoy the other premium feature as when you land home the yard lights automatically turn on with the help of ring motion sensor as it detects the motion of your car  and combines with smart lights to give you a premium experience

#2: Ring app IFTTT

You may not have heard about this the word IFTTT means “if this then that’. This is a website which allows you to combine all of your smart accounts together and allow them to communicate and automate with their apple. Go to the website and you can see a  list of apps. Go and search for ring and can see a list of applets that you can work with. And also at the end, it is written that on which device it can work

You can choose your favourite appellate and then set up and for you chose to flash on when somebody rings the doorbell or any other as your wish

How to use Ring doorbell with other devices

Ring with Alexa echo dot

To download just go to  the play or app store depending upon your device if you want to download on your smartphone

If a new user creates an account and then go to search Search for skills. In search bar search skills for the ring, you will get a list of skills that you can perform with your Amazon Alexa device.


for example, you can set up your echo device to some automatic controls such as informing you when your device responds to  motion sensor

Ring with amazon tv and firestick

Another you can do is you can connect your amazon fire tv with ring doorbell all you need is amazon tv or amazon fire stick and the steps are many similar to steps above

Go to skills. Search for the ring and then get your most compatible skill to  add it to your ring device and select the text for it must respond  and you can see all the ring recording on your amazon device by simply giving a command to show the recording for the main door or back door as you may feel fine

Ring app for Android TV

Although you can connect ring doorbell pro with android or smart tv. But ring doorbell and ring doorbell 2 are not compatible with a smart TV. To access ring doorbell on android tv you would need to download and install Ring app and smart things app. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download and install Ring app from the app store. Log in into Ring app account. If you do not have one, create a new account
  • Now add the ring doorbell. After this, Download and install the SmartThings app on your phone.
  • Open devices, specify the doorbell location. Click on Add device>Add device manually

Select doorbell>Ring. Then enter Ring app account details and login. With ring customer service and ring, support makes ring doorbell a perfect product

Unable to download ring doorbell appring app troubleshooting on a smart device

  • If you are using an Android device for Ring doorbell app, then leave wifi setup step. In your Android device, visit wifi settings
  • Check for the list of all wifi networks the device shows.
  • see if you can get network labelled Ring-xxxxxx. Click on it and choose to forget the network
  • Open advanced wifi settings. Keep the Scanning Always Available option off.
  • Now on the option Auto Switch to Mobile Network

What to do when ring app not working or ring app down

  • When ring app down, First, close all programs and apps running in the background of your device on which you had downloaded Ring app.
  • Also, completely exit from the ring app.
  • Now reboot device be it a smartphone.PC on which you had download RIng app. Also, power cycle modem and router if applicable.
  • Wait a few minutes, now power on smartphone/PC on which you had download ring app, modem and router and open Ring app

Are you facing video quality issues, here are the possible answer

Your Ring doorbell uses the adaptive bandwidth technique. Accordingly, Ring doorbell adjust the video quality on a smartphone or tablet. When server on ring doorbell detect that video quality is about to degrade. Then in that condition ring doorbell will start stream video at a lower bitrate and frame rate to ensure the call is not dropped.