Physically Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 with an Existing Doorbell

How to Physically Install Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 with an Existing Doorbell

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This article only applies to Ring video doorbell which has a removable battery. Physically install Ring video doorbell with step by step guide. First, charge the ring video doorbell battery before installing ring video doorbell. Fully charge it and then line up the Ring video doorbell with the level tool. Now drill holes if necessary for the position of mounting holes. After this, attach the wire extensions and wire nuts. Now connect the wires to the ring doorbell back screws unit. Remove the mounting level tool and placed the ring video doorbell over the holes to screw and fit. Finished doing this? Now Install the doorbell’s faceplate and tighten the security screws to secure the faceplate.

This article will help you to find out how to install ring doorbell and make a great purchase. In this article, I’ll explain the process and what I recommend for you to do it yourself if you’re short on time and want the most professional result.


Ring doorbell is a complicated piece of equipment and in this article, we’ll talk about a few basic parts that you need to get. Also, never forget to download ring doorbell app to customize ring doorbell as per your personal preferences.


knowing your Ring video doorbell before installing a Ring video doorbell


There are several basic parts in a doorbell and the following list explains them. As you can see, there are quite a few different components that make up this device.


Power Switch – The power switch is a very important part of the whole mechanism. It allows you to turn the doorbell on and off or turn it off altogether. If this switch fails, you’ll have no chance to operate your doorbell.


Bell – The bell is the face of your doorbell and serves as an identification sign. It has two wires which are connected to the circuit board. The signal from this circuit board can be amplified and then sent to your personal computer or even an external transmitter.


Circuit Board – The circuit board is a very important part of the entire doorbell and is responsible for generating high decibel alarm sounds and for transmitting a signal through the bell to your transmitter. There are many kinds of circuit boards and here’s a description of some of them.

Other parts of the device


Breadboard – This circuit board contains several individual components, like LED, Resistors, Capacitors and a few other things. These components are wired together to form a complete circuit. If you’re a beginner and you want to start with a simpler circuit, then breadboard is the best option.


This circuit board is very similar to a circuit board that you can find in your computer. It’s used to send and receive signals from your home or office and is one of the main components of the doorbell.


Antenna – This is a wireless radio that has been mounted in a special way that allows it to capture and transmit the signal to your transmitter. Once the signal is received, it sends the signal to your receiver. The receiver decodes the signal and then sends it back to your computer. This part of the doorbell is very simple but is very important.


Doorbell – The doorbell works just like any other ordinary doorbell. You can open it by pushing a button and then manually dialing a number by pressing a few buttons.


Control Box – The control box is responsible for controlling the motor of the doorbell. It also allows you to adjust the volume and tone.


Battery Pack – The battery pack of the doorbell has to be replaced after a certain period of time. When you have this component, then you don’t have to worry about using it.


There are a lot more features that you can get by reading the step by step guide on how to install ring doorbell properly. However, if you know the basic components, then everything should be fine. Remember, it’s all about learning and experience.