Ring doorbell Install manual

Ring doorbell install menu


Setting up your ring doorbell is a simple process which only takes a few minutes.

  • First download ring app from play store or AppStore. Open it and create a new account if you already have an account just login with it for ring app login.
  •  Once you logged in tap set up a device to begin the setup process.
  • Now select doorbells and follow the in-app instructions.
  •  After setup pushes the front button on your Ring doorbell indoors to see video from your Ring in the Ring app.
  • For a good performance install your Ring Doorbell four feet above the ground.

Step 1: download ring doorbell app

ring doorbell app

  • Download ring doorbell app from the app store. Type ring doorbell
  • In search results tap on ring doorbell app to download and install
  • Open the downloaded app with taping on the created ring app icon.
  • Now follow on-screen prompts

Create a Ring bell app account

  • You will see Create an account on the bottom of the screen.
  • ON the first screen, Ring doorbell will ask you to log in
  • Here either choose to ring login with entering ring registered email id and password or choose to create account
  • Enter there First name, last name, and email address with a password to create an account.

Step 2: Ring doorbell wifi setup

download ring door bell app

  • Once you are a registered user of ring doorbell app, you need to add your ring doorbell to ring app
  • At this step, choose Ring video doorbell.
  • Put the ring doorbell in setup mode. Press the front button on ring doorbell to put it in setup mode.

Ring doorbell wifi settings

  • On ring app screen, press continue.
  • On the front of the ring doorbell, there is a LED ring spin white light. This perfectly says that Ring doorbell is in setup mode.
  • As the Led ring light start spinning, this says ring doorbell is in setup mode now

Step 3: Connect Ring doorbell app with available wifi

  • In-ring app scree, connect ring doorbell to available wifi. this is necessary as you will now set the angle of ring doorbell to get a perfect video feed.
  • In the displayed list, choose your wifi internet and enter wifi internet key
  • Now, as the ring doorbell is connected with wifi network. the device will go under firmware update.
  • You shall confirm this when LEd light shows a white intermittent flashlight sequence in front of the device.
  • It will stop blinking when the firmware completely updates.

Accepting a call via Ring doorbell appringdoorbellsetuppro

  • Now use the front button on your Ring doorbell. This will make LED ring light spin.
  • With this, you will get push notifications on your device on where you had downloaded the ring doorbell app.
  • Also, in settings, keep the notification option on. In the video ring doorbell, you will see the live video feed. Press the accept button to accept the call or decline.

Incall experience and test Ring doorbell device

  • Now is the time to test Ring doorbell.
  • Keep the distance from your Ring doorbell device. This will ensure that you don’t hear feedback from the device due to proximity.
  • Still, if hear feedback due to proximity, then off the speaker and microphone.

Sharing a user ring bell app

how to share ring doorbell to other person

  • First download Ring doorbell app. If already downloaded Ring doorbell app then logs into ring doorbell app.
  • Choose my devices screen. If you have multiple, share the Ring doorbell device you intended to share.
  • Select Shared users on the device screen.
  • Now enter the email address of the user of which you want to hare the access of Ring doorbell screen.
  • If shared users had not downloaded ring doorbell app. In that case, he will get instructions on how to download ring doorbell app.

Motion detection on Ring appmotion detection on ring app

  • Reach out for the motion detection settings with ring app’s dashboard.
  • choose motion settings. There select zones and range. With this, you can specify the distance of all motion events and detect locations
  • There enable/disable multiple zones. Thereby you will only receive the notifications for the zones selected
  • Also, customize Smart Alert to set time increments for repeated.continuous motions

Access video recording

  • Right from Ring video doorbell, you can see and monitor recordings
  • To monitor recordings, open Ring app and click on chevron symbol beside each event
  • To share with your friends and family download the video in mp4 format. Just be noted that every event recording access takes place between 5 min. to 1 hour
  • Also, in your desktop ring app, you can access the recent activity feed.