Ring Video Doorbell review

ring doorbell review

Ring doorbell review

When it comes to home security Ring doorbell seems to be a good choice. While there are many happy customers. but also a few buyers who review doorbell alerts not in a positive manner.

One of the Ring doorbell buyer review and experience was the following:

Buying and installing Ring doorbell app was a great decision. It relieved me of my security concerns to a great level. While it could shoo away the burglars. Ring gives them this idea that someone is at home. it also made sure I am made aware of. even there is a slightest movement around my door.

However, the ring doorbell app installation falls short. From what of its expectations on various levels. The reason being unreliable Wi-Fi signals, mobile issues and avoidable technical glitches.

For instance, there were times when I faced a long lag. Which was between the doorbell ring and the actual notification on my phone. Not this, there are even worst-case scenarios. When ring doorbell app didn’t give any notification at all.  making me wonder what would have happened? What if I was actually outside.

Reviewing ring video doorbell

After doing the download ring doorbell app, There are network issues similar to Wi-Fi glitches. it sometimes took me seconds to jump from an alert to an actual video footage feature.  keeping the person at the door waiting.

Then there’s the Ultra-sensitive motion alert. Another feature of the ring doorbell app. That keeps on sending me alerts all day long. Due to which I had to decrease its sensitivity.  but that made me wonder ? what important information I am missing onto. Also, the ring doorbell app does not provide on-demand video feature.  which leaves us at the mercy of visitors to see what’s happening outside.

While the basic premise of the device is great, but there are connection issues. That gave ring doorbell app a tough time making us doubt its basic functionality.

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