Ring Video Doorbell tips and tricks: Become the ultimate Ring master

So now you get a new ring video doorbell and already installed the ring doorbell and setup ring app. What is next? Probably you must be looking for Ring video doorbell tips and tricks to make most of it. Although ring app makes sure the home security and watching over it easy via the app but additional Ring video doorbell tips and tricks make your ring video doorbell more efficient right? so here is the deal! read on:

ring video doorbell tips and tricks

FAQs and Tips and Tricks

Downloading Ring doorbell app has been the perfect addition to the smart home. With its integrated video camera and two-way communication feature, it has taken the experience with technology to another level.

Want to ensure you can use ring doorbell app like a pro? you need to have a clear understanding of the device.

So, let’s check out some basic ring doorbell app tips and tricks:

Do I need Ring Doorbell Chime?


Though it is not mandatory to buy ring Chime as it’s a separate device. But having ring doorbell Chime installed in different rooms will make sure you receive the alerts even if your smartphone, tablet or Pc is not with you. So, for added safety, you can go for it.

Should we go for the paid subscription while using Ring doorbell app?


Though you can use the free download ring doorbell app that does not let you save the recorder videos so you cannot watch them later. So, if you weren’t live you will miss it. This makes it important to go for the subscription plan which lets you have online storage for 30 days at £2.50/$3 a month.

ring always home app

How to enable Ring two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an important feature as it ensures that only authorized people can have access to the sensitive data collected while using ring doorbell app. So, here along with your password, you can have a code sent to your phone before having access to your ring app account.

Should I buy an additional pair of ring doorbell batteries?

Yes, you can and you should. Because the battery takes a long period of time to get fully charged and the meantime you won’t be able to use the ring doorbell. So, with an additional pair, you can keep using it.

 Some pro tips to use downloaded ring doorbell app like a pro:

You can set up a different Wi-Fi network dedicated to your ring doorbell app. It’s a great idea to separate other smart devices from the normal network so that in case there’s a security glitch or breach your ring doorbell functioning can be saved from it.

If you are outside and your battery is dying, you need to stay updated with the Ring doorbell app alerts. In that case, you can switch to lighter motion detection frequency to save your battery. This will ensure you keep on getting important alerts without your battery dying.

Enable full-screen video feature to have a complete view of who is at your door and what is happening. This will ensure you have access to clearer and better video quality in your ring doorbell app. You can find this option in the top-right menu of the app.

You can play with motion alerts feature to use it as per your convenience. Like you can customise the motion detection ranges around your house so that you do not get updates of walkers passing by or running traffic. You can even put the detection on schedule so that you get alters only when you are not at home. For that Head to the download ring doorbell app menu and make the changes.